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The succulent is an incredibly drought resistant plant. Its waxy leaves and stem protect the plant -- both from the dry desert, and from a forgetful owner. The ability to resist drought make the succulent an excellent houseplant, able to survive with little care outside occasional watering. In our opinion, this plant looks otherworldly -- like something from the dinosaur ages -- making it a statement piece that will transport you to a better place in your home or office. Adding these incredibly gorgeous hand-made Convivial Production planters, you really can't do much better than this set. Perfect for a window sill, #shelfie, or dining room table.

Like people, every plant is totally unique and yours may be slightly different than pictured. For succulents in particular, we'll provide a variety and not necessarily those you see here. That said, we take great pride in only delivering the best plants to our customers -- we want you to LOVE your plant -- and we back that up with a 30-day guarantee on your purchase.

Light: Succulents prefer indirect and direct light environments. The light should be very bright (it's a desert plant after all).

Water: Wet soil when the soil around the roots, not just the surface, becomes dry. Try to keep the leaves of the succulent dry.

Container Dimensions: 3.5" diameter x 2.25" height; includes water tray and drainage hole

Your Welltended order includes: Three assorted succulents in premium potting soil + Convivial Production planters (with drainage hole) + Expert Care Instructions + Watering Reminders (sign up via email after purchase) + FREE shipping!

Warning: People and our furry friends really should not chew on or consume the succulent or its soil. Keep your new plant out of reach to be safe.