Lucky Plant + Delphie

Lucky Plant + Delphie

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The Jade Plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, money tree, or Crassula ovata is a succulent native to southern Africa. With its thick waxy leaves, the Jade plant is able to survive variable watering conditions -- making it an ideal houseplant. If properly cared for, the Jade plant can produce small white flowers in early spring. The Delphie planter manages to look rustic and elegant, with wave-like elements that will surely relax you in combo with this gorgeous Jade.

Here's what you need to know:

Light: Indirect bright to moderate light. Avoid more than an hour of direct sunlight.

Water: Wait to soak the soil until its dry down to the roots, not just the surface.

Container Dimensions:  6.5" diameter x 6" height

Warning: People and our furry friends really should not chew on or consume the Jade plant or its soil. Keep your new plant out of reach to be safe.