Golden Pothos + Red Basket

Golden Pothos + Red Basket

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Golden Pothos, hunter’s robe, silver vine, ivy arum, devil’s vine or Epipremnum aureum is a hardy vine that is native to Polynesia. Famously called the devil’s vine because it is so difficult to kill, golden pothos makes an excellent houseplant suitable for a variety of conditions. It will delight you with its mottled heart-shaped leaves and wild form. Paired with this chic, woven basket in red and tan, bringing this snake home will make your space feel automatically upgraded. Score!

Here's what you need to know:

Light: Indirect bright to low light. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water: Give a drink when the first inch of soil becomes dry to the touch.

Container Dimensions:  6.25" diameter x 6.75" height

Warning: People and our furry friends really should not chew on or consume the Pothos plant or its soil. Keep your new plant out of reach to be safe.