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Tillandsia, or Air Plants --  The air plant is an evergreen, perennial flowering plant that is native to forests, mountains, and deserts in Central and South America. If you've never seen an air plant before, it may surprise you that this member of the bromeliad family can survive without soil or a container! They make the perfect accent piece for your #shelfie or table, and they are also an incredibly thoughtful addition to a gift package. They're super hardy and don't need a ton of attention. 

Like people, every plant is totally unique and yours may be slightly different than pictured. We take great pride in only delivering the best plants to our customers, and we back that up with a 30-day guarantee on your purchase.

Here's what you need to know:

Light: Air plants prefer bright, indirect light. 

Water: It's recommended that you soak the air plant 1-2 times a week, especially in summer. Simply dunk it in water -- super easy and fast -- and then let it dry again before returning to its place in your home.

Your Welltended order includes: Gorgeous air plant + Expert Care Instructions + Watering Reminders (sign up via email after purchase) + FREE Shipping!

Warning: People and our furry friends really should not chew on or consume the air plant. Keep your new plant out of reach to be safe.