The number one thing plant parents tend to be confused about is how much to water their precious new plant. People often think that watering a plant is equal to loving the plant, when in reality, overwatering is often the most likely reason if your plant is suffering.

Here are some of our favorite watering tips to help you be successful with your Welltended plant:

#1 Never let your plant have wet feet. Avoid drowning the soil in water, and instead let the top layer of soil dry in between watering. This will prevent rotting roots, a common cause of plant harm.

#2 Water around edge of the pot, not directly onto your plant. Most plants drink from the roots rather than the leaves.

#3 Use room temperature water to avoid shocking your plant. You probably wouldn't like a freezing shower, and neither would they.

#4 Let water stand overnight to allow chlorine to evaporate.

#5 For humidity loving plants, mist the leaves at least once a week in addition to watering -- if you're willing to put in the time, 2-3 times a week is actually recommended.