All plants have slightly different needs - for water, light, and the amount of care that they require. At Welltended, we follow these nine Tips for a Welltended Plant, and we welcome you to follow them to help your new baby stay thriving:

#1 Do Not Overwater

The number one mistake that we see new plant parents make is overwatering. It's so common that we equate loving and caring for the plant with watering it, but in reality, too much water will drown the roots and almost certainly hurt your plant. Err on the side of too little water, until you get to know your plant and understand the specific amount of water it will need in your space.

#2 Don't Panic

When in a new place, your plant might take a little bit of time to get used to the new conditions. Plants have to adapt to humidity, light, and water availability, so if you see some signs of your plant adjusting, don't panic! You can always email us at if any questions come up, just shoot us a note and a quick photo of the plant or its leaves, and we'll walk you through it.

#3 Rotate Your Plant

We recommend that you rotate your plant every few weeks, so that light can hit it at different angles. This will help prevent leaf loss, and foster even greater growth in the growing season.

#4 Let Nature Do Its Thing

If your plant’s leaf turns yellow, let it drop naturally. The plant is removing useful nutrients from the leaf and will use it elsewhere.

#5 Avoid Extremes

Plants don't like extreme temperatures, so try to keep it away from heating or cooling ducts, radiators, and/or air conditioning units.

#6 Wipe Off Its Leaves

We recommend washing your plant with water, and wiping off its leaves about once a month to remove dust. Though not required, doing so will help your plant soak up more sun and carbon dioxide, and keep the leaves shiny and looking beautiful, thus letting you continue to gain all the perks your plant can offer.

#7 Fertilize!

Fertilize your plant with a diluted feeding mixture every month during spring and summer. Dilution is key, as overfeeding your plant will harm its foliage.

#8 Eyes Out for Pests

Your plant is a living thing and can sometimes attract other living things. We know this is a little bit icky and not ideal, so we recommend checking your plant for insects when you water. If you do find one, don't worry! Our team can help you treat the situation quickly.

#9 Plants Love Other Plants

There's evidence that plants actually grow better when huddled together, enjoying each other’s humidity. Consider growing your urban jungle -- once you're comfortable caring for one plant, it's so easy and lovely to add more to your collection. Our plant experts can help you pick out the perfect plant for home, and for your desk at work.