Congratulations on adopting your new Welltended succulent! At Welltended, we bring the benefits of owning a plant to your doorstep with easy-to-follow care instructions. We believe that plants are at the intersection of health, happiness, and beauty in your home, and we believe that we should ALL own houseplants (and office plants!).

Here are easy-to-follow care instructions to help you keep your succulent thriving:

Light: Place me where I can soak up indirect sunlight for much of the day. I’m most happy with bright light conditions. I can tolerate direct sunlight for a few hours a day and my leaves will be fine.

Watering: Wet my soil whenever the soil around my roots, not just the top inch, becomes dry. Make sure to only give me a small drink and not flood me with water. I should be watered about once every 1-2 weeks depending on where I’m kept. Please do not overwater me. Too much soaking will cause my roots to rot.

Temperature: I prefer room temperature, I do not like to be cold. Keep me away from extreme heat or cold (radiators, AC units, drafty windows).

Plants can improve your mood, relieve stress, and look downright beautiful in your home. So, take a deep breath, you’re tending exceptionally well to yourself!

Having any trouble? Text or email welltended at 312-600-5998 or [email protected] Make sure to send us a quick photo and explanation, and we'll help you get your plant thriving!