One of our favorite things about plants is all of the benefits they can offer -- they're something seemingly so simple that can add so much to your everyday.

They help you breathe cleaner

We often talk about the quality of the air outside, focusing on things like reducing outdoor pollutant emissions and limiting consumption. Though this is exceptionally important, many people don't think about the fact that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, making it so important that our indoor air is as clean as possible too. Studies have shown that plants help purify the air, and can reduce toxins (think cleaning products, paint, etcetera) that may be hanging out in your home or office space. Some plants -- like snake plants and pothos -- are especially good at cleaning the air, making them amazing to have around your most inhabited spaces.

They can boost your mood and relieve stress

Think about the feeling you get when you leave the city and spend time in a beautiful forest or green, mountainous place. Well, we have great news: you don't have to wait for the great outdoors to get this wonderful feeling. Plants can boost your mood, and bringing the outdoors inside can similarly lighten your mood and perk you right up.

They look beautiful in your home

It never ceases to amaze us how much adding a plant to your space can update and beautify the home. Plants add a pop of color, and together with a gorgeous container that matches your personal style, can be a true statement piece that you'll grow to love. We believe that plants allow us to tend well not only to our home, but to ourselves.