It’s hard to believe — but we spend 85-90% of our time indoors. Given that, it's so important to cultivate a home that is bright, fresh, and happy. And that — ideally – brings a little bit of nature inside.

Welltended is your partner in this transformation, turning your space into a lush, vibrant retreat.

We guide you to select the perfect plant in a beautiful container, and then deliver it right to your door.

From there, we'll give you support to keep your plant thriving. Whether your thumb is green or not-so-much, we’ll take care of you and your plant every step of the way. After all, everyone deserves to live a Welltended life, surrounded by greenery. does
Welltended work?

Find your perfect plant, either by browsing the store, or by taking our lifestyle quiz.

Once your order is placed, you’ll get an email with an estimated delivery timeline. Your plant usually arrives within one week.

When your plant arrives at your doorstep, you’ll receive easy-to-follow care instructions. You can even sign up for watering reminders.

It's that easy — we're taking the hassle and stress out of creating your own indoor oasis.

Plus, every Welltended plant comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Please see the F.A.Q. or get in touch with any questions. We want buying your Welltended plant to be the easiest thing you do today to take care of yourself and your home.

Meet the
Welltended CEO
Carolyn Snider

I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2015 for business school, after spending my entire life in sunny California. As summer turned to fall, I started spending more and more time indoors. This quickly led to a strong desire to create an indoor space that I could truly enjoy, and that was totally my own.

Nothing transformed my space more than a collection of houseplants that I scattered in my living room, bedroom, and even my bathroom. It was incredible how happy the plant life made me. With their stylish containers, they felt like the final touch needed for my space.

That said, I was shocked at how frustrating the process was to source my indoor jungle. I spent hours traveling from Home Depot, to local nurseries, to home decor stores, in order to get the needed supplies. From there, I had to lug everything (large bag of soil, included) on public transportation, and I made a total mess of my apartment once I actually did get everything home!

I didn’t understand why it should be so difficult to source a plant in a container that you’re proud to have in your home. This is how Welltended came to life.

I've now become a true #plantlady, and I am on a mission to help others cultivate a comfortable, cozy space that they are truly proud to call their own.

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