Ceramic Cylinder (6") + Drainage Tray

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About the Ceramic Cylinder (6") + Drainage Tray

Your plants will feel right at home in these modern, gorgeous ceramic planters. The containers are approximately 6" wide, with a drainage hole to allow excess water to drain from the bottom of the pot. They include a drainage tray, as well, which has raised ribs so that your plant won't sit in water. The saucers sit slightly larger than the planters, at approximately 8" wide. With clean lines and a streamlined shape, these containers provide a lovely option for indoor plant life.

These ceramic cylinders are best suited for either 4" plants that are ready for up-potting, or 6" plants that you're simply re-potting. As with any ceramics, the planters may have some variation in color and finish. Our photos are representative of what you'll receive, but there may be slight variations in specific measurements, finish, and color. We take great pride in hand-selecting only the best planters for our customers, and we back that up with a 30-day return window for your purchase. If you're not happy with your planter upon receiving it, please notify us right away and we'll either replace or refund your order.

Planter Dimensions: Approx. 6" diameter x 6" tall

Drainage Tray Dimensions: Approx. 8" diameter

Colors: Choose from blush (unglazed), matte white, or matte black.