Welcome to Welltended

Here at Welltended, we believe that we should ALL own houseplants. We have a beautiful, grand, green vision for the world that every person should have a plant in there home (or multiple!) and a plant in their office space (or multiple!). We believe that plants are right at the intersection of health, happiness, and beauty; they're something seemingly so simple that can add so much to your everyday.

Why we do this: Picture yourself on a busy day. You're rushing around, from home to work to happy hour. You get home from that busy day, and you glance at your gorgeous plant sitting on the bookshelf. You take a calm moment from your hectic day to step back and tend to your plant... For us, this is it. These moments aren't just about tending to the plant itself, but about taking a moment for ourselves. They are brief moments in the day that allow us to be thoughtful and to feel grounded. Plus, indoor plants have also been shown to boost your mood, clean your air, and relieve your stress levels. In a tech-heavy world, they put us in touch with the physical and remind us of a more natural state. They're something you can be proud of in your home or office cube, adding some life to that space you're in so often.

I hope that caring for your houseplant becomes a ritual for you; a moment in your week that you can look forward to. Thanks so much for visiting our blog, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas or questions for us. 

Thank you,

Carolyn Snider, Founder & CEO